About Beyond Light


Beyond Light designs and produces conceptual art and unique pieces of lighting that are as much works of art as functional design objects. Our influences stem from architectural design history, timeless aesthetics and different tendencies within the Visual Arts.


The selection of materials used for production consists of different types of marble and brass, as well as natural materials used for sculpture and architectural landscape design, emphasizing on the intrinsic qualities and natural appearance of the materials.

About the Designer

I design pieces of conceptual lighting for both commercial and residential purposes using a range of materials, from different marble varieties and brass, to technical glass and different types of stones used for sculpture, construction and landscape design.

Creativity has always been an incredible driving force and still does have influence on almost everything that I do.

Expressing myself artistically has been one of the most natural things for me, whether I am creating an assemblage art collection, or bringing a lighting concept I have envisioned to life.


Artist’s Statement

In my assemblage art compositions I incorporate an iconography of myths and elements of classical history, illustrations of species, nature, flowers and plants, design and decorative objects, inspired from different art movements and design styles spanning over the centuries, transcending the viewer to surreal environments of fantastical imagery, evoking a sense of intrigue, romance and beauty.

I have always had an interest in everything that was related to decoration and the aesthetics of space. I have studied Fashion Image & Styling at the Marangoni Institute before moving to the UK to study Visual Arts, focusing on Art History and studio practice in disciplines including assemblage art and conceptual design.

My desire to enhance the ambiance and aesthetics of interior spaces led me to further studying Special Events Planning and Interior Design. I consider lighting design to be an art expression and I am fascinated by the contrast of light and shadows. Through my conceptual lighting collections I have a desire to evoke feelings in the viewing eye, creating pieces with a presence characterised by classical details and elegance of a bygone era, capturing the night effects of manmade light.

I have a broad range of influences that I draw inspiration from. The history of design styles, the fine arts, decoration and architecture, as well as my interest for the decorative arts, have all inspired me to specialise in conceptual art & lighting design creating Beyond Light. Merging imaginative design concepts, technical design and timeless aesthetics are qualities I am constantly striving for in my work.

Artemis Irene