Luminous collection encapsulates over two years of research
and is inspired by clean modernist lines

Luminous collection table lamps are designed to accentuate the atmosphere in any interior space from the modern townhouse to classical interior design styles for both residential and commercial purposes. Every piece is produced by hand, where materials are sculpted into different multifaceted pieces creating a cluster of reflections, capturing the light from every angle.

Fine quality and light-hued marbles extracted from various quarries in Greece and around the world, architectural stones with light reflective qualities, decorative colored glass, polished brass, and heat resistant glass bases constitute the materials. Custom made polished brass components to a high sheen have been designed for the electrical installation. The marble elements are formed using different techniques tools and equipment, while the lampshades are crafted sourcing premium textiles.

Our philosophy goes beyond the basic requirements of light for visual perception; the conceptual lighting collections are about rediscovering the magic of classic table lamps while bringing a sense of timeless charm to interior spaces. It is about creating unique pieces of lighting that feel like a work of art, bound to transform the ambiance of your space. Dreamy, magnificent and radiant…